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y Ventures. Trip Advisor raised $1.3 million in February (most of it from OneLiberty), and sources say TripAdvisor could stretch that sum past the company’s fall launch and into the middle of next year. Just to be safe, Steiner and Kaufer are signing term sheets on an additional $2 million, which should be announced any day now. The theory: Raise it before you need it. TripAdvisor also won’t make the mistake of trying to create its own destination site and then spending gobs of money attracting visitors. “We want to provide informational services in the same way that Sabre provides transactional services,” Steinert explains, “through partners like America O

Here’s a throwback! Congrats to TripAdvisor for successfully going it alone…

The Globe’s first coverage of TripAdvisor, from 2000 - Innovation Economy -